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Almost a year ago, Panattoni Europe, one of the biggest providers of warehouse space in Poland celebrated its tenth year of presence on the European market. The anniversary was a good occasion to refresh the company’s official website, and at the same time, the image of the company itself.

Panattoni’s corporate website is not only cutting edge design or functionality, it’s also an in-depth analysis of Panattoni’s expectations, needs and the nature of the work which had to be carried out.

The capstone idea behind the project was to create a website describing both local branches and operations of the company around Europe. Each country is represented by a separate tab and has its own menu with customized content. Transparency of the website has been achieved by using a new graphic design.

The new version also presents the offer of the developer – warehouse parks and individual BTS-formula projects. Product photos highlight the potential of Panattoni’s investments in Central and Easters Europe to the Clients.

  • PROJECT: Panattoni Europe’s website
  • CLIENT: Panattoni Europe
  • DELIVERY DATE: 2015 
  • CATEGORY: Website, design 
Design & Content | IT

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