Video animation – Panattoni Europe 2015 Summary

In 2015, developer of commercial spaces, Panattoni Europe celebrated its tenth year on the European market. This anniversary has been accompanied by multiple promotional offers.

In its marketing efforts, the part of which was the video animation created by SkyConcept, the company summarized its business achievements for the previous year.

The biggest transaction in Panattoni Europe’s history, which took place in Germany, more than 900 000 sq. m. under construction in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic, receiving Excellent level BREEAM certificate for an investment carried out for Amazon Panattoni Europe – those are only some of Panattoni’s achievements for the last year. In one and a half minutes we showed the data summarizing Panattoni Europe’s operations on the CEE markets in 2015.

  • PROJECT: Video animation: Panattoni Europe 2015 Summary 
  • CLIENT: Panattoni Europe 
  • CATEGORY: Video animation 

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