5 reasons why a CRM gives you business advantage

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Dominika Mrowińska-Bolka

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April 12, 2017

Nothing testifies to one’s competitiveness in the real estate market more than being able to quickly provide the client with the necessary information. An effective CRM that is tailored to the needs of the industry allows you to respond to request much faster, carry out more thorough searches and be more efficient in managing transactions. Where does software that has been properly adjusted to the company’s operating method work best?


Being able to quickly respond to the client’s requests might often be the only available competitive advantage. This is especially true when dealing with a wide range of property that might include the one particular space that would meet the demands of the future tenant or owner. The re+ system allows you to immediately generate a list of real estate meeting the specified criteria, such as the size of the space or its location. At the same time it is possible to answer each request for quotation in real time, eliminating the need to waste time browsing the company’s portfolio and look for property that would satisfy the client’s demands or, even worse, to offer space that does not meet the criteria at all.

Based on the history of contacts with the given client or company, it is possible to anticipate not just its needs, but also the path of further negotiation. This is particularly important when the request might lead to a potential transaction. Thanks to the contact path recorded in the system, the agent is able to readily browse the previous requests, offers and contracts. It is important to remember how valuable information is in negotiations with a client. The right CRM should be able to provide optimal knowledge about the needs of the future tenant or owner.

The ability to filter data can significantly speed up the processes taking place in the company and facilitate answering the questions addressed to the agents. This applies not just to the search for property, but also to generating lists of persons that might be potentially interested with the property available for lease or sale. Got the perfect property for a company in need of cold stores or an electronics manufacturer? Gathering all information about the tenants in one place makes it possible to easily choose industries and sectors, apply the relevant criteria and find the right recipient group.

Integrating the CRM system with a website and the resulting ability to generate presentations for property straight from the site means that the software can also support the marketing efforts in the company. The website is often one of the key places for acquiring new leads, so monitoring its quality, and, most of all, its effectiveness, is enormously important to business operations. The tools provided by the CRM systems allow for website analysis and drawing conclusions from its performance. The relevant system settings will allow you to manage the number of leads, compare their value, see the contact path and inspect the financial benefits resulting from leads acquired through the website. What is even more important, the intuitiveness of this solution helps you save time, draw conclusions and review the company’s financial results.

A proper CRM system is not just software for storing data, as it should also make it possible to comprehensively monitor the work of agents and measure the effectiveness of their activity. Tags and customised settings make it possible to see the history of the employee’s achievements, their current activity and the value of their current and past projects. Automation in the monitoring of internal operations in the company increases the degree of control over the achieved results.