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Magdalena Chwedoruk


February 15, 2017

The fierce competition in the residential property market means that the way in which developers reach their clients is often the decisive factor in the sales process. Since the purchase of an apartment is one of those decisions where the first impression is the most crucial one, it is worth making every effort to ensure that prospective clients are convinced that they have made the right choice.


In 2017, the construction works will kick off on a modern apartment building with a modern design and unique location in a friendly neighbourhood in Warsaw’s Powiśle district. The new investment project needed promotion that would attract potential clients and distinguish it from the competition. Based on the Client’s needs, we developed a website that functions as an engaging showcase of all the assets that might convince prospective residents to take a closer look at the building.

The most important advantage of the apartment building is its excellent location, favouring both transportation and leisure. The building will be built in a green neighbourhood in the vicinity of a metro station, the Vistulan boulevards, walking paths and institutions such as the Copernicus Science Centre and the Warsaw University Library. The future residents of Powiśle 01 will be able to reach the city centre and the Nowy Świat Street in just a few minutes. The cosy seven-storey building offers certain exclusivity, as it only has 24 apartments available. Its design combines modernity with industrial style — the materials used in its construction include brick, steel and glass. The construction works on Powiśle 01 will begin early next year.


Our goal was to create a professional website that would showcase the property and function as its online calling card. We wanted the site to capture the user’s attention while at the same time remaining functional, readable and visually appealing. To create an exceptional layout, we decided to follow the guidelines of a modern design style. Thus, the elements on the page have been inspired by Material Design. The style, which was created by Google, makes for a simple and flexible graphical form that can be matched with various surfaces. Its distinguishing feature is its three-dimensionality, which consists in emphasising individual elements with the use of appropriate shading. When designing the home page, we wanted to fully focus the user’s attention by utilising the entire display area on any given device. The foreground is dominated by a large visualisation of the property, which should encourage the user to keep exploring the website and learn more about the details. The design and the layout of the other elements are inspired by the colour scheme of the building, with whites, shades of grey and transparent elements, which blend well with the numerous visualisations and photographs. The resulting visuals are minimal, yet very elegant and aesthetically pleasing.


The site consists of several subpages, with each of them serving separate functions and presenting different information. For example: after selecting the “Apartments” tab, the user will see a visualisation of the building together with IPI, SkyConcept’s proprietary application. This highly functional tool has been developed with property presentation in mind. The application enables the owner to present their offer to the client in an extremely appealing way. IPI allows the website administrator to place interactive areas and points on any image. Thanks to this, the user can choose any floor to learn about the apartments available there. The plan of each apartment is presented in two versions: 2D and 3D. Users who do not wish to use the application can navigate using a traditional list of apartments. Another functional feature available on the website is an interactive map of the area. There, we marked important locations in the vicinity of the apartment building: public transport stops, schools, ATMs, stores etc. This should allow the users to quickly get acquainted with the immediate surroundings of the building. Additional information about the location is provided by photographs of the nearby points of interest.

Another feature that has been implemented with the future residents in mind is the “Client area” application. Its purpose is to make it easier for the prospective buyers to contact the developer. The platform allows the parties to exchange the necessary information, documents and files, including architectural plans. In the “Client area”, the buyers can also approve a new version of the contract, reject it or add a comment. In addition, the simple application makes it more convenient for the agents to organise the flow of documentation and manage communications with many potential clients. It also streamlines the information flow between individual agents, giving them better control over the negotiation process.

The website developed for the Powiśle 01 apartment building is a compendium of knowledge about the new property. Modern and functional, it presents the developer’s offer in an attractive way, being an excellent source of information for future residents of the building. The site can also be seen as an example of how important it is to show the full potential of residential property to prospective buyers. One should strive to find a solution that would emphasise the advantages of the new building and make it stand out among other residential developments in the city.