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Dominika Mrowińska-Bolka


June 14, 2016

The cooperation of two major players in the real estate industry requires emphasising their presence on the market and presenting the potential clients with an entirely new offer. Hillwood Europe and Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. decided to start one of their new investment projects with an effective presentation by establishing a unique knowledge base with information on the logistics centre.


These days, the use of multi-directional online promotion has become a popular way of reaching potential clients. However, there are various approaches to taking advantage of the wide range of possibilities provided by the Internet. Undoubtedly, one needs to stay open to new ideas in order to reinterpret the concept of a website and turn it into a showcase of a single offer – just as Hillwood and PHN S.A. did, making a choice that is not so obvious in the industrial property market.

Knowledge base 
The new website of the Hillwood PHN Pruszków logistics centre is entirely devoted to a single investment project, and thus it makes for a comprehensive presentation. The visitor can quickly and easily access all the relevant data, such as information related to the planned facilities, the location of the warehouse park, the transport links to Warsaw and the access roads. Potential clients can see the original visualisations of the buildings which have been combined with aerial photographs. This way, apart from presenting the arrangement of facilities in the logistics centre, the website provides access to the view of its neighbourhood, nearby roads and buildings, while the realistic visualisations show the potential of Hillwood PHN Pruszków. A plan of the logistics centre is displayed on a graphical projection which is used as one of the website’s permanent elements. Moreover, the location of the park has been marked on a dedicated map. As the website of this offer by Hillwood and PHN S.A. is the first such initiative, the project involved designing its layout from scratch. The design includes the colour theme, the logo of the two collaborating entities and the park’s name. This comprehensive approach to the design and execution of all its elements made it possible to create a website that is extremely consistent.


An effective sales tool
The website has been designed to follow the latest trends and requirements related to the ever-increasing number of people using mobile devices. One of the key indicators of the quality of the online showcase of the investment project and the solutions used in its design is its responsiveness. This is a particularly important feature of the design, as the website of the Hillwood PHN Pruszków logistics centre is aimed at all web users. Thus, it is not just a promotional tool, but also a sales tool. While browsing the website, the user follows a clearly defined path, as they are guided by the simple interface and provided with bits of information that help them determine whether the offer suits their needs. At the same time, the functional and visual solutions ensure that potential tenants interested in leasing warehouse space in Hillwood PHN Pruszków will come back to this online knowledge base containing information on the investment project implemented by the two developers.


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