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June 20, 2016

Many little things became great things thanks to appropriate advertising. Given that at every step we are bombarded with marketing messages and slogans, it is worth to invest in promotion in order to stand out and take advantage of the huge communication potential provided by the Internet. Plan your campaigns in Google AdWords and reach potential customers in an effective way.


In the 21st century, the development of the Internet and related technologies, including communication and advertising, has generated an unprecedented level of progress. The triumph that we are all witnessing is the reason why one of the most popular forms of promotion is contextual advertising, where ads are matched to the content of the website on which they are displayed.

Online marketing
A service that has been rapidly gaining popularity is Google AdWords, which makes it possible to accurately reach a particular group of web users at a relatively low cost. By using AdWords for online marketing, you can connect your business with potential customers. More than one million advertisers from 190 countries have used Google’s service, causing the company’s annual turnover to quadruple. Regardless of whether your goal is to encourage customers to repeatedly come back to your web page or make a purchase – Google’s advertising service will certainly help to achieve it.

Did you know…
AdWords is an online advertising system that allows you to reach the right Internet users at the right time. Google’s ads contain promotional information, which, among others, appears at the top of the Google search results page in the form of text ads. They are displayed after entering a specific phrase in the search box, such as office buildings in Warsaw. AdWords ads are a direct answer to the entered keywords, as they contain information that might interest potential customers. One of the greatest advantages of the advertising network is the precise targeting of ads to users of a specific gender or age, with particular interests or from a specific location, as well as matching them with topics or keywords. A potential buyer of your service may start their search by asking: what are the possibilities of leasing warehouse space in Wrocław and its suburbs? With Google AdWords, the answer to this query can be provided by your business.

How to get started
You should start planning your advertising campaign by determining your goals. What do you expect to gain by advertising on, Google’s partner websites, as well as these websites devoted to the specific topic that allow for displaying AdWords ads? What product, service or brand do you want to promote? The answers to these questions should be the starting point for further considerations on online promotion. In order to build an effective advertising campaign, you should know exactly what you want to achieve. The key step is creating an account at AdWords tools offer a wide range of features, such as text ads (in the search engine network), banners (in the advertising network) or video ads on However, in order to see a return on investment in this form of advertising, you should use them in accordance with specific objectives.

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How much does it cost
It’s simple – you can invest as much as you want. Google does not require investing a specific amount in advertising, but it should be noted that the amount depends on your capabilities, needs and settings, while the cost is calculated based on the number of views, clicks or conversions. The budget allocated to online advertising must be adequate for the objectives – the more ads are displayed, the greater your contribution will be. Moreover, as long as your offer is frequently searched in Google, you can expect a greater return on your advertising investment. Therefore, if your offer is significant and enjoys considerable interest, you must define an adequate budget that would be suitable for the project. It might be worth to show it on an example: when you advertise a single housing estate in a particular city with AdWords, it can be assumed that an effective campaign will require a smaller budget than if it involved ten similar properties throughout the country. The market on which you want to promote your products (local, regional, national or international) also affects the amount invested in advertising.

A perfect ad?
With Google AdWords you can specify the target audience, find out how much interest is shown in particular products or services and what is the best time to start promoting your offer. Google allows you to narrow down the target audience with individual settings. For example, you can target an ad at those strictly interested in real estate. Google’s tools allow you to determine the interest in the industry, but they also make it easier to reach customers who are looking for a specific offer in the given geographical area. Moreover, they suggest what keywords are the most attractive for a specific group of users. A system which creates an index of users visiting the website allows you to repeatedly display your banners ads to them, which increases the likelihood that a user who was once interested in the offer will come back to the site at a later time. There are, however, many other benefits. Conversion makes it possible to diagnose and analyse data related to the popularity of your ads in Google. The interactions are controlled at a measurable level, for example by determining the number of users who filled out a form, sent requests or made phone inquiries.

Why is it worth it
Developers are constantly looking for new ways to draw users to their products and services. The competition in the real estate market is high, and it is difficult to make a detailed comparison between offers, which is why it is worth to stand out and take advantage of the huge potential provided by online promotion. Plan your Google AdWords campaign and reach your customers before the competition. Although the tool looks like a very simple solution, this is not really the case. Google AdWords is an online advertising system that works like an algorithm. By visualising Google’s language, it can be compared to musical notation, or the DNA – the biological code. Each of them is a language of science and should be used skilfully in order to achieve the intended results.