Assault of Polish companies on foreign markets

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September 12, 2018

Polish SMEs increasingly offer their services abroad. Nearly half of startups in Poland export their services – according to a report for SentiOne. For every second Polish company, with over 2 677 starting players, the desired direction is the European Union.

As many as 60% of exporters achieve regular revenues, and over half is among the top earners. – Export of services is the engine of development and it increases the attractiveness of a company in the eyes of co-workers and investors – says Tomasz Ogrodzki, Partner at SkyConcept.

Polish technology companies, open to cooperation abroad, are strong in the innovative services sector. They offer solutions in the area of Internet of Things that is the software that promotes the communication of things, as well as biotechnology applications, gaming, loyalty and e-commerce platforms.

– One of the biggest challenges of dynamic foreign expansion is meeting not only high, but often different requirements of clients from particular markets – emphasizes Marek Cynowski, Country Manager DACH SentiOne. SentiOne is a global player offering a tool to monitor the Internet and social media, which is used by over 500 brands around the world.

As the HSBC Bank Polska report showed, in Poland there are from 2 500 up to 3 000 small and medium-sized enterprises. In this group there is a group of several hundred companies – on a national scale – operating on several or even more than ten markets.

– Among the industries in which it is easier to achieve international success is primarily IT. Foreign buyers and investors appreciate Polish know-how. The largest chances for foreign expansion, in my opinion, are those companies that have mastered the development and adaptation of modern technologies strictly to the needs of customers – says the head of SkyConcept. For several years, the company has been exporting its services on many foreign markets, and for several months has been cooperating with international companies, providing them with their proprietary tool, re + CRM.

For many years we have been providing real estate agencies and developers with IT tools that support companies on various levels – from marketing to sales and leasing. We are familiar with the characteristics of the commercial real estate sector and we have been quickly assured that we can build a platform that solves the most important problems that the market faces today. This what gave us confidence from the beginning of the activity was the feeling that, apart from substantial knowledge, we have extensive and strong technical facilities
Tomasz Ogrodzki, Partner, SkyConcept

According to the report of the Startup Poland foundation, the most important for Polish startups are German and British markets, which were indicated by every fifth and every fourth company respectively.