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Dominika Mrowińska-Bolka

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February 2, 2017

Being perceived as an expert is a crucial to becoming a leader in the real estate market. Advisors from JLL’s Industrial Department have decided to strengthen their position by sharing their knowledge and expertise and directly reaching their clients and business partners. To this end, they have created the only quarterly for tenants, developers and professionals working within the commercial property industry in the market:


The first issue of the quarterly was published in conjunction with a review of the year 2015 in the Polish warehouse market. 12 months have passed since then, with a new issue published every quarter, affirming JLL’s position as an expert in the commercial property market. The underlying objective was very clear: to provide the readers with a reliable source of knowledge about current market developments, as well as issues that are of long-term interest to tenants and developers. To achieve this, an editorial team has been organised in SkyConcept, which allowed JLL to materialise its goals in the form of a printed edition of

This is an entirely novel idea, as in the Polish market there has been no magazine that would be entirely devoted to the warehouse and industrial property industry. A tremendous asset of the quarterly is the review of the previous months in the commercial property industry which accompanies each issue. At the same time, JLL’s clients and business partners are provided with accessible expert commentary on the market data, also presented in a visual form. Additionally, each issue explores a specific theme, with interviews with JLL’s clients and business partners, as well as information on the Special Economic Zones. As the magazine is sent directly to the contacts in JLL’s database, it can directly reach a specific audience. What is more, JLL’s experts could put their business cards in individual issues, which allowed them to find their way to the recipients’ desks. The printed edition of proved to be an excellent way to present individual properties from JLL’s portfolio. Thus, each issue allows the company to present comprehensive information from the market and share its enormous expertise in property transactions and all the procedures related to investing in the warehouse and industrial property market with developers and tenants.

A particularly important consideration throughout the entire year of publishing the quarterly was maintaining the high quality of the content provided to the readers – in terms of articles, infographics and market news. Moreover, SkyConcept, the company responsible for the visuals of the magazine, has worked to ensure consistency across all issues. The layout of the magazine has been designed based on the graphical elements that have previously been used within JLL’s marketing and brand image. Its title is the same as the name of the website maintained by JLL’s Industrial Department, which allows the readers to easily identify all the issues. At the same time, it directs them to the website, which constitutes a compendium of market knowledge and is well established as a reliable source providing relevant content. This kind of booklet dedicated to the market testifies to JLL’s commitment to the industry and helps to strengthen the brand’s image as an expert. Additionally, it has positive impact on the business position of people responsible for the department in the company.

  • building an expert’s image in the warehouse and industrial property market,
  • providing current market data to those most interested,
  • a source of knowledge on the transaction procedures,
  • directly reaching contacts from JLL’s client database.