Case study: making of Why Prologis CEE?

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Tomasz Ogrodzki

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June 17, 2016

In 2015, the developer Prologis launched a global image campaign under the slogan Why Prologis? The campaign’s objectives included presenting the key strengths of the company and strengthening its image among both current and future clients. Activities within the campaign were supposed to promote consistent communication and connecting with clients through various channels. When we got involved in Prologis CEE’s promotional campaign, we decided to put emphasis on a clear message and reach the audience using a high-quality corporate video. Our goal was to support the developer’s marketing activities by distributing the video in various media.

Promotional solutions
Being aware of the huge interest in video content among Internet users, as well as the considerable traffic generated by this type of marketing materials, we made the corporate video the primary focus of brand promotion. The attractive form of the message became the key to presenting Prologis’ potential as a commercial developer. During the production of the video, our main objective was to increase the reach among prospective tenants and people interested in the market. To achieve this goal, consistent promotional activities were undertaken at many levels: promoting the video on the website as well as in media that had not been previously used by the developer, such as the Prologis Central and Eastern Europe YouTube channel, Google’s search engine and other search partners.

Corporate video
Because of the enormous amount of video content available online, in order to stand out among the competition, it is necessary to find an idea that would draw the attention of the audience. The idea must be supported by quality, which tells a lot about the company, as well as appropriate presentation. The short video form was supposed to break down relevant information on Prologis. We decided that the focal point of the video would be numbers related to the developer’s activities and phrases with information on its business objectives and achievements in the market. Before we started the production, each second of the video was depicted on storyboards which were meant to visualise the script. A key decision was the choice of music for the video, which helped to add dynamism to the visuals.


The high quality of the video is a result of both professional production and post-production processes. The shots were filmed for several days in a specially equipped space, with three separate sets for the film crew. When the team was done with filming shots in one of the sets, they smoothly moved to the next one, which made their work much more effective. More than twenty people were present at the backstage during these several days, including a set designer, a costume designer, a prop master, a stylist, as well as professional actors. High-quality production equipment allowed to create an adequate video material, which was then made into a promotional video that perfectly matches the objectives of Prologis CEE’s campaign.

The effects of reach
These promotional activities directed at communicating through a range of channels have brought positive results, such as increased traffic on the developer’s website and noticeably more user activity on the site. Importantly, supporting the promotion with a video campaign on YouTube has helped to gain a large number of video views and reach people who are potentially interested in the market. The campaign resulted in the corporate video getting almost twenty thousand views. While emphasising the advantages of high-quality video presentation, it should be noted that this kind of content can be used for long-term marketing purposes, so its effectiveness is not limited to the campaign itself and leaves room for future promotional activities.