Eclipse CRM for JLL

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Nicoletta Szymańska


June 22, 2016

Flexibility, versatility and user-friendliness – these are a few of the advantages of the new dedicated Eclipse system, which was implemented in the Industrial Department at JLL in late 2015. However, the key feature of this system is being designed specifically for the real estate industry.

A brand new dedicated CRM system developed for JLL is a response to the industry-specific demands placed before real estate agents. Huge amounts of data, the need for archiving and controlling existing lease contracts and the information flow – these are just some of the issues which real estate experts face in their daily work. The Eclipse system greatly improves the operation of the department while allowing to optimise working time, increase efficiency and maximise opportunities for acquiring new clients.

Dedicated solutions
The system is equipped with features that enhance data management and organisation. Eclipse comes with extensive databases of companies, people, property, and contracts. This data can be used flexibly for various activities, such as creating reminders on the approaching expiration of a lease contract. Specially for the real estate industry, the system features a visual warehouse space design tool. Agents are able to precisely map both the shapes of the buildings and the leased modules. Using appropriate scale, the system will determine the dimensions of the individual edges and calculate the surface area in square metres. Non-leased space is automatically marked as an available module and presented, among others, on the website. The system also has an in-built organiser that allows to record the stages of communicating with a client and save the history of the introduced changes. This makes it possible to recreate the path of negotiations, discussions and arrangements. Eclipse provides the users with automation solutions for the various processes in the commercial property industry, which is extremely important for customer service.

Recognising the changes in technology and the increasing needs of our sector in this respect, we decided to adopt a new CRM system that would have all the functionality necessary for effective operation and providing services to our Clients. To this end, we commissioned SkyConcept to implement a solution which would streamline the sales processes of our Department. Thanks to the knowledge and analytical competence of the developers of the new system, we were provided with a dedicated CRM equipped with features that help to organise information and communication paths, as well as keep a history of transactions. Additionally, thanks to its intuitiveness, the system was met with positive reactions among our employees, and the implementation process went very smoothly.Tomasz Olszewski, Head of Industrial CEE, JLL

Assistance on the go
When preparing the Eclipse system for the use of JLL staff, one of the key objectives was adapting it to mobile devices. Nowadays, the enormous number of people using this kind of devices sets the direction for user-friendly design. Therefore, the Eclipse system has been designed to be responsive and allows agents using tablets and smartphones to take advantage of all its functionality This allows for more flexible access to information.