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Magdalena Chwedoruk


August 2, 2017

The fact is that shopping centres have become an integral part of urban space. For many years they have gained unmatched popularity – mainly because of the wide offer, access to entertainment and above all speed and convenience of shopping. A website plays a key role in communication with customers. So what should a website stand out to be at the same time a showcase of the facility and a useful source of information for its tenants and visitors? The project created for the Aura Shopping Centre is certainly an example of how to set a good direction.


Aura Centre of Olsztyn – formerly known as Alfa Shopping Centre – is the oldest gallery, not only in the city, but also in the warmian-masurian voivodeship. It has been functioning since 2005, successively expanding its offers. The four-storey facility attracts a lot of people every day, for whom it is not only a place of shopping, but also a meeting and entertainment area. An important marketing element of the facility is website, which is a database of comprehensive information for users and a platform to contact the media. Although website has been already functioning for several years, this year it underwent a complete metamorphosis to make it more useable and more responsive to the needs of even the most demanding customers.

The goal of making changes was simple: creating an original and attractive site that will be the best advertisement for itself and virtual business listing. Friendly interface, clear layout, simple navigation and practical tools – this is the base on which the web design was created. Numerous bookmarks have been replaced by a side-drop-down menu, which allows to systematize the categories. Thanks to this, instead of chaos, users get a clear, readable content layout. In an easy and fast way they can go to the interesting section by choosing from the available options, including General information about the centre, shopping list or contact details. The Aury website distinguishes itself by its well thought out composition. Visitors are greeted by a slider with the most important news, below there is a logotype with selected logos of stores available in the centre and some other information divided into four categories: events, news, promotions, work. Finding a shop or a service is easier with a search engine and a special offer catalogue. At the bottom of the page there are the most important contact details and an interactive map of Olsztyn with the exact location of the shopping centre. An interesting solution is available from the menu section, based on Intranet, specially designed for the gallery tenants. Users who are logged in receive access to the latest information about the facility, newsletters, and needed forms. Assembly of documents in one place makes it easy for renters who can download the file they need in a few moments. By creating a website for Aura, we took care of adjusting the web graphics and programming all the functionality of the site.


New website of the Olsztyn gallery is rich in interesting solutions and so called “small-interactions,” which on one hand provide bunch of facilities for users and on the other, further engage their attention and induce a longer, more intensive visit on www. The way to build interest among Aura users is interactive interface elements such as: gallery plans, where you can find a particular store and click on its logo to see additional information about the offer; animations, as well as Parallax effects. Apart from concentrating the attention of the Internet users, they also enable more intuitive movement around the designed space. The gallery page is extremely dynamic, frequently updated, rich in new content, so its essential tool is rich but easy to use admin panel – designed specially for site and content managers. All the solutions used to make the shopping mall website friendly and functional platform, shorten path connecting the gallery offer with its customers. The site provides source of always up to date and useful information, no matter on what screen it is viewed – www perfectly adapts to a variety of devices, providing easy and comprehensive access to all content contained on it.