Graffit – a modern take on office space

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Magdalena Chwedoruk


March 28, 2017

Client: Hines
Project type: Website, content
Property type: Office building
Year of completion: 2017

Main objective of the project:

  • Designing a website showcasing the main advantages of a modern office building.
  • Clear presentation of information targeted at potential office space tenants.
  • Creating an attractive graphic design to emphasise the unique architecture of the building.


Project description:
The project started with a thorough review of the Client’s needs and expectations. Our shared goal was to create a website that would function as an online calling card for the modern building by highlighting all its advantages and encouraging potential tenants to take a closer look, while at the same time presenting all information in an interesting and unique form.
Since Graffit is distinguished by its excellent location, we decided to emphasise this asset as much as possible. The interactive map which we have put on the site shows the most important points in the vicinity of the building, such as public transport stops, a Warsaw Metro station and the nearby shopping centres. The experience of the visitors to the website and future tenants of the building is enhanced by a search engine which makes it possible to quickly find any point on the map and plan the route from Graffit to another location.
The design of the website encourages its users to be more active and engage in micro-interactions, such as:

  • using the route planner
  • reading drop-down tooltips on visualisations
  • accessing the gallery and portfolio by clicking the “Show the portfolio” button
  • displaying information in the form of slides

Together with animations, the interactions are meant to get the users involved with the website, draw their attention and maximise the time spent browsing the available content.
When developing the website, we have chosen to create a light and transparent layout with colours inspired by the unique design of the office building, as well as its logo. To this end, we used a flat design style, which gained considerable popularity with the launch of Windows 8. The style involves limiting the number of colours and embellishments, using geometric shapes and simple fonts and disposing of elements such as mirror reflections, gradients and shading. Thanks to the implemented solutions, the office building website is clear, transparent and, most importantly, easy to read.


Project recap:
Graffit’s website presents its modern office space in a comprehensive way. While it can be used as a guide for future tenants, it also highlights all advantages of the newly constructed building. The clear graphic design does not divert the user’s attention away from the content. Quite contrary – the two are perfectly harmonised.

About the project for Graffit:

  • Creating a functional website with a wide range of information for future tenants.
  • Designing an original layout inspired by the design of the office building.
  • Editing the website content.
  • Developing and implementing tools meant to engage the user.