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October 29, 2018

Over 70% of real estate companies estimate that technology companies are well prepared to cooperate with corporations – this is the result of the “PropTech 2018 Report. Technologies on the real estate market”. According to the research, SkyConcept created the “Map of Polish Startups”.

The results of the report show that as many as 83% of the management in the industry believe that technological solutions are the driving force of business. And this applies to every stage of the “life” of real estates – from the decision to make an investment, to its rental, sale or management and optimization of the operating costs of the facility.

The startups map shows that companies introducing innovations to the market offer their technological services in all areas in which developers, tenants, investors and owners of housing facilities have to function.


Why search engines?
We have separated two areas on our map, namely real estate search engines target the offer at the B2C, and a part that shows the stages of “building life” and entering the process: planning, design, construction and operation of the facility. Where does this division come from? Search engines are in large part targeted at people looking for apartments, houses, rooms, and sometimes also office spaces. We wanted to focus on technology startups that offer services that are targeted at business, but more and more often internet search engines combine these two zones, i.e. business and private customers. Due to a lot of interesting tools – allowing for deep market research, for signing contracts, for contacting with agents, for solutions that improve rental, like invoicing or calculating the actual rental income.

ConTech vs PropTech
When presenting solutions and services targeted at the real estate market, it should be noted that increasingly, apart from the popular PropTech, ConTech also appears. – ConTech (or ConsTech, or Construction & Technology) concerns the application of new technologies or innovative solutions in construction. We can include here solutions that streamline design and building processes, but they can also be new ways of building, applying new materials that give new possibilities. Today ConTech is strongly connected with PropTech or also defined as part of PropTech – says Maciej Wiśniewski, CEO, Loredo RES.

Maciej Wiśniewski also emphasizes that the construction phase and technologies, that are intended for it, can be treated as a separate category, which the Israeli branch of the Innogy company has recently attempted. Looking at Polish startups, we did not dare to put a thick line between PropTech and ConTech. – There are few companies or start-ups on the Polish market that create solutions for the design and construction phase or those that create new materials – therefore it is easier to combine these two areas, for various reasons – says Maciej Wiśniewski.

Real estate life cycle
In our list, we decided to focus on companies that create solutions that fit into the concept of PropTech. We wanted to capture the life cycle of buildings on the map and show that in each of them Polish technology startups can propose something. And what is important, it connects both with the construction time and: commercialization and optimization of the operating costs of the facility, or space management.

– The list of presented companies is the result of discussions with representatives of the real estate market, with the creators of startups, as well as our experience as a participant in this market, and many internal conversations of our specialists who track the market situation on a daily basis. Our customers from the commercial real estate sector not only see the growing need to use modern technologies, but also they see the potential that goes along with the use of solutions optimizing costs, accelerating processes at the construction level and subsequent servicing of buildings. Our PropTech Report 2018 showed it perfectly, in which the representatives of real estate developers and key real estate agencies on our market commented on this subject – says Piotr Smagała, Business Development Manager, SkyConcept.

The startup map shows the creators of technologies from our home market. Have we managed to show everyone? Or maybe the question should be: is it possible to show everyone while this market is changing very fast? Focusing today on the solutions of Polish companies, we show those who also responded to our queries in social media, they observe the competition and they want to keep up with the needs of their customers on the difficult real estate market.

Certainly, solutions from Polish startups have found application in every area of the cycle of the aforementioned “life” of real estate. Tools from some find application even in a few of them. – In the world we already have a huge amount of PropTech solutions, maybe those created in Poland are not so many, but do we really need them so much? Many solutions start to repeat or solve the same problems, differing only in name or appearance. You do not need to look in the reports to find out that not all companies, that create PropTech solutions, will be on the market forever. There will remain those who, apart from solving individual problems, will combine technologies to create more comprehensive solutions – says Maciej Wiśniewski, CEO, Loredo RES.

Power of Startups
The power of companies introducing innovative solutions to the market is more and more noticed, as evidenced by this year’s Proptech Festival, which accompanied the Property Forum 2018. Innovation creators are recognized, rewarded and what is important, they will appear with innovations that can facilitate the functioning of the real estate market in Poland. Therefore, even if we were able to show solutions for the industry, we are convinced that it is worth it.