Modernity and functionality – Prologis Park Moissy 1

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Magdalena Chwedoruk


March 22, 2017

Modern website is one of the basic marketing tools of the company. Properly adjusted to company’s needs, allows to show their offer comprehensively and encourages potential customers to contact. As Prologis wanted to promote the Moissy 1 logistic center – Chanteloup, they emphasized modern form and the multimedia, that show the property in a very attractive way.


Prologis Park Moissy 1 – Chanteloup is a modern distribution centre in southern France. There are ten warehouses with a total area of 261,000 square meters. During the construction of the facility, environmental friendly materials were used with a lot of conveniences, which will influence the comfort of the employees. The uniqueness of the park results mostly from its excellent location, which will provide future tenants with efficient distribution of goods. The investment is located in the new village Sénart – about 30 km south of Paris. Favourable location gives future tenants wide logistical possibilities: it provides fast, comfortable access to the capital of France and allows unhampered transport of goods. To emphasize all the advantages of real estate, Prologis – with a headquarter in France, decided to create a dedicated website.

The logistic park website should be primarily an information source, so we decided to focus mostly on its readability and usability. This website was created to allow potential tenants access to the storage module information package. For detailed information about an object, any user can select a particular building from the interactive plan of the entire complex or from the traditional list. The site is made of many subpages, which open under separate links, which simplifies its navigation and navigation to the interesting content. In addition, an interactive 360 panorama showing an aerial vision of the park was implemented on the homepage. Thanks to this, potential tenants can know the infrastructure of the complex. The site was created in two language versions: French and English.


Designing a website with Prologis Park Moissy 1 , we decided to use a light, clear form. The perfect solution was using flat design style. This trend, has gained popularity during launch of Microsoft Windows 8. Flat design implies limiting the number of colours and ornaments, using simple shapes, creating analysed topography and eliminating elements such as gradients and mirror reflections. To avoid distracting users, we used a white background and simple, no-fancy fonts and graphics. All the details on the website are based on the four colors that appear in the Prologis logo – turquoise and green shades. Design done this way presents itself not only legibly and clearly, but also originally and aesthetically. The site has been optimized for mobile devices, and thanks to the simple and lightweight components it loads very quickly. Offer prepared this way is not only a comprehensive way to show real estate, but it is also a marketing showcase of the company.