Panattoni Europe’s new look

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Nicoletta Szymańska


June 22, 2016

Almost a year ago, one of the largest providers of warehouse space in Poland celebrated the 10th anniversary of its presence in Europe. The anniversary became an opportunity to refresh both the look of the official website and the company’s image. The changes proved to be a hit.

01_ Front-v1

The very process of developing a new website is a complex activity that requires looking at the objective from the right perspective. A key aspect underlying the implementation of the project is an extensive analysis of the surrounding reality, including facts, information and news which underpin a well-executed job. The message addressed to the audience must be clear and adapted to the ongoing changes and needs. In this case, the key turned out to be the collaboration between the Client and the developers on many different levels.

International vision, local focus
The refreshed website of Panattoni Europe brings all its European subsidiaries together in one place. The site differs from its predecessor in many respects. A modern design tailored to the specific industry is just one of its advantages. The idea behind the website was creating a place that, on the one hand, describes the global activity of the company in Europe, and on the other, does not dominate Panattoni Europe’s national subsidiaries. Its transparency and readability has much to do with the new layout. Each country is listed in a separate tab and has its own menu with customised content. The minimalist aesthetics and the combination of whites, greys and navy blue adds to the original character of the layout. Its simple form using basic shapes, mostly overlapping rectangles that frame detailed descriptions, deliberately emphasises the modern and clean form of the design.

It is worth noting that in the case of Panattoni, designing a corporate website is not just about excellent visual implementation, but also about conducting an in-depth analysis of the Client’s expectations and needs, as well as the end effect as a whole. The website does not just present logistics warehouses, but also individual BTS projects developed by the company. The product images are an interesting way of using the website to promote the company’s offer in Central and Eastern Europe.


Modern tools 
The innovative graphic design was adapted for mobile devices. The website was also extended with additional functionality, as it was necessary to add new content to the site. The clear menu and new administration panel are in perfect harmony with other elements of the layout. Using a CMS system to manage the press office and the published content with the possibility of editing it proved to be a very functional solution. The CMS supports many users and countries, so the new Panattoni Europe website is dedicated in as many as five languages. Precise information exchange, checking the validity of data for the entire Europe, the administration panel – all these are demanding challenges, which did not pose a problem thanks to the comprehensive approach. The new Panattoni Europe website is a complete response to the needs encountered in the area of presenting the company and its offer as a commercial developer. In the case of this project, the idea of combining a technical approach with displaying the available buildings has worked perfectly. The effect of this cooperation allowed for creating a true online showcase of Panattoni Europe.