Photographing the Novum Apartments

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Nicoletta Szymańska


June 17, 2016

Hines Polska decided to present the completed and partly occupied Novum Apartments in the centre of Kraków to its potential customers. The developer decided to invest in high-quality photography and was provided with a material that can be successfully used in its marketing efforts.

Presenting the investment from multiple perspectives
Designed by the architectural office IMB Asymetria, the modern Novum Apartments in Kraków were previously presented on visualisations that showed the potential of the investment to its future residents. At the next stage of the sale process, the developer decided to display the buildings, which have already been put into use, on high-quality product photographs. The Novum Apartments were also shown from an aerial perspective, which allowed to fully present their square-shaped arrangement and the varying height of the buildings together with the inner courtyards and the extensive green roof. Additionally, future owners can see the exact location of the loggia, balconies, terraces and gardens, as well as the green areas around the investment.


Marketing potential
During the construction of further stages of the investment project, the developer no longer has to display the buildings on visualisations – the professional photographs allow to present the advantages of the already existing Novum Apartments. This makes the offer much more interesting for future customers. After professional retouching, the photographs can be used both in online and offline marketing materials. Their high quality makes it possible to use them for large-format printouts, as well as brochures and online promotional materials. The attractive and professionally edited photographs directly contribute to increasing the interest in the investment and draw the attention of potential customers – the future residents of the Novum Apartments.