Multimedia presentation of Amazon Fulfilment Centres

Amazon_Poznan_02_glowne projektu

Long before the completion of construction works and putting Amazon Polska’s logistics centres into operation, we have created realistic visualisation of two investments, in Wrocław and Sady near Poznań for Panattoni Europe.

Additionally, as per Panattoni Europe’s request we have installed cameras recording the construction of the warehouses. Material collected in such way has been used to create corporate time-lapse videos.

Stationary photos and bird’s-eye-view photos presenting the construction sites and their surroundings were the basis of the visualization. Retouched photos served as the foundation, onto which we have incorporated virtual 3D models of the investments along with a bridge.

Beyond taking regular photos, the cameras provided live feed from the construction site. The material collected after few months has been used to create two corporate videos presenting the progress on the construction site.

  • PROJECT: Multimedia presentation of Amazon Polska’s investment
  • CLIENT: Panattoni Europe
  • DELIVERY DATE: 2015 
  • CATEGORY: Time-lapse videos, 3D visualizations

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