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Powiśle 01 is a cosy apartment block in the Powiśle neighbourhood in Warsaw. In order to capture the attention of the potential buyers and mark its presence on the market, the development needed a professional and functional website.

The individual elements of the website draw from material design, which focuses on simple and transparent graphical forms. When designing the website, we paid particular attention to the user experience.

We have used several innovative solutions which make it easier for the users to navigate around the page, as well as present the developer’s offer in an attractive way.

The Powiśle 01 website takes advantage of our proprietary application IPI, which was developed with online property promotion in mind. Another major advantage of the website is the special platform “Customer Zone”, which will improve the flow of information as well as facilitate the monitoring of the negotiation process.

  • PROJECT: Powiśle 01 Website
  • CLIENT: Tillia
  • CATEGORY: Website, design 
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