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Dominika Mrowińska-Bolka


November 29, 2017

Another year, another charity ball and most importantly: another record-breaking fundraiser. Over three years, the ball organised by St Andrew’s Foundation established by Scots who live in Poland has raised over half a million Polish zloty for charity! We are happy to have created videos which were used during this wonderfully colourful charity event. 

Thanks to Prologis, we had the opportunity to begin our work with the Scots in Poland Foundation in 2015. Back then we created the first video which encouraged the attendees of the annual Scottish-style event—The St Andrews Caledonian Ball—to be generous and participate in a charity auction. This year, more than 175,000 zloty was raised during the charity event. Ben Bannatyne, President of the St Andrew’s Foundation, said: “the amazing generosity of our supporters is making a real difference. In conjunction with our partner charities we’ve been able to purchase equipment and develop facilities to help ill children and young people in Poland.”

Having shot videos throughout the three-year history of the ball, we can safely say that the participation of St Andrew’s Foundation members in our recordings has become a tradition. Every single year, we have managed to create more and more interesting videos. This year the spectacular Iain Leyden took on the role of… Anyway, see it for yourself!