The interactive world of New City

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Nicoletta Szymańska


June 22, 2016

If the design of your future is just like the design of New City – in line with the current trends – you are always one step ahead. By distinguishing your activity with unique design and combining modern and functional solutions in one coherent whole, you emphasise your unconventional thinking and establish your presence on the Internet. This is what Hines did with its new website for the New City office complex.


Graphical themes are the essence of the modern world, as the human brain receives them more quickly and easily. Visual content is becoming increasingly popular, with images dominating the written word. Not surprisingly, computer graphics, website design and all activities related to the visuals are at the very heart of modern marketing and constitute some of the most effective and efficient elements of promotion.

A recipe for quality
New City is an interesting building in Warsaw’s Mokotów. It fits perfectly within the urban landscape of modern office space in this business district of the Polish capital. The new website of the office complex created for the developer Hines is distinguished by attention to detail and consistency in building a strong brand image. The harmonious layout is complemented by numerous icons and very specific content, which ensures that users do not get lost in excessive information.
In this heavily competitive market, emphasising positive features and attention to the informativeness of the message are the key issues. The map of New City and the surrounding area is one of such solutions, as it underlines the office building’s advantageous location. The nearby tram and bus stops as well as the underground station ensure convenient access to public transport. The building is located within just a 15 minutes’ drive from the city centre.

iPhone-6S-PlusECO philosophy
New City is another investment by Hines built in the spirit of sustainable construction. The office building was built in a way that minimises pollution by using environment-friendly construction materials and intelligent building management systems as well as reducing energy consumption. New City is an example of a conceptual building, in which the emphasis is put on issues related to environmental protection. This is reflected on its new website. The idea of ECO is described in the Savings tab. The environmental approach is exemplified by: an energy-efficient HVAC system, LED lighting, waste recycling, water-saving fittings and the HinesGO programme providing tenants with environmental education. These elements have contributed to New City receiving a BREEAM In-Use ‘Excellent’ certificate. It is worth noting that thanks to its very high ratings, New City was one of the five buildings in the world nominated for the prestigious Breeam Award in the In-Use 2016 category.


Visuality at your fingertips
The design of the website was created based on an in-depth analysis of the Client’s demands, needs and expectations. The layout was built from the ground up, so the building’s architecture is the main theme of the website’s entire background, and not merely a decorative element. Another important consideration during the development of this functional website was the right choice of colours and photographs displaying the building. The spare colour palette of cool white, grey and blue perfectly matches the modern New City complex, while the photo gallery in one of the tabs helps to show the distinctive character of the investment. The properly used graphical elements emphasise the most important content. The New City office building provides a wide range of services tailored to the individual needs, while the layout of its website highlights the possibilities and benefits for the building’s tenants.

News from New City
Understanding the industry and the market makes it much easier to develop the client’s ideas, adapt to their expectations and build coherent content and visuals. New City’s website is the second project (after the Proximo office building’s site) designed by us for Hines, and the first this year. When creating the website concept for this investment, we wanted it to be compatible with the brand’s image. At the same time, we wanted to emphasise information that is important for the developer, such as the location of the building, its description, the approach to sustainable construction and the photo gallery. New City’s modern website was supposed to mark a new chapter in the life of the office building – and this goal has been achieved.