Use graphics to stand out | Dedicated maps for Goodman Poland

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Nicoletta Szymańska


June 17, 2016

There is no doubt that brands using consistent, but distinctive graphic elements are able to stand out in the market. In order to present its offer, Goodman decided to create dedicated maps that became a unique element of the layout of its sales and marketing materials.goodman

Thanks to the consistent use of the same graphic elements, corporate materials distributed among customers become more distinctive and unique. Reproduced in brochures, on websites and in various places related to the presentation of the offer, they function as an identifier that distinguishes the brand from its competition.

Corporate colours on the map of Poland
The maps which were created specially for Goodman can be successfully used in many materials and adapted to the current presentation needs. Designations of logistics centres and the road connections between them were placed on the map of Poland using the developer’s corporate colours and typography. The map presents the locations of warehouse parks in relation to cities, national roads and airports. Goodman decided to accurately present all the logistics centres throughout the country while allowing to zoom in on individual parks.


Consistent image
The dedicated graphic solution perfectly complements Goodman’s visual materials. Since the elements are only used in the developer’s offer, they function as a characteristic theme which is associated with the brand. As location is one of the major features influencing the attractiveness of a logistics centre, presenting it on a map in an interesting way has great commercial significance. Additionally, the labels are consistent with the corporate visual identity guidelines, so the dedicated maps correspond with the graphic elements used by Goodman to communicate with its audience. This way, the developer successfully continues its image policy.