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Dominika Mrowińska-Bolka


March 21, 2018


Warehousefinder.pl is the most popular portal in Poland among websites in the industrial sector. According to similarweb.com, a service estimating website traffic, the portal gets 32,000 monthly views, with its closest competitor only getting 8,000. Since 2014, the portal has been managed by SkyConcept.

“The visitor numbers for warehousefinder.pl and our huge advantage over other portals covering the warehouse sector in Poland are something to be proud of. At the same time, they constitute a key part of our a long-term business strategy for that sector in Poland. We have been focusing on the development of the portal for a long time, believing that it is necessary in order to achieve success in the area of consulting in the warehouse market. It is a result of many years of hard work of the entire JLL warehouse team headed by Tomasz Olszewski, as well as our experts’ vast knowledge of the Polish and foreign market. Another important factor is their continuous work on the portal’s form and content. Congratulations to the entire JLL Industrial team and our associates—your great work has brought great results,” says Tomasz Trzósło, Managing Director, JLL.

For four years, JLL’s portal has been managed by SkyConcept. “Statistics show that the portal has become the most important source of information on the warehouse market in Poland. A well-thought-out strategy based on valuable content and the expertise of the best specialists in the industry has helped us win the trust of readers and market participants. We are extremely happy that the daily, consistent work on the website is reflected in the results,” says Jacek Gratkiewicz, Media Strategy Specialist at SkyConcept.

SkyConcept is fully responsible for the technical side of the warehousefinder.pl portal. The site is also overseen by an editorial team appointed by SkyConcept, which updates it with the latest information from the warehouse and industrial market every day. All information is also posted on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as in the print version of warehousefinder.pl published by SkyConcept on a semi-annual basis.

Warehousefinder.pl helps its readers find all the relevant information on the Polish warehouse market in one place.

We went far beyond the traditional concept of a commercial website with real estate offers and developed a search engine combined with an interactive platform that is used to share knowledge about the market. We are immensely proud that warehousefinder.pl has been unrivaled on the Polish commercial real estate market.

Tomasz Ogrodzki, Partner, SkyConcept

Warehousefinder.pl is a comprehensive tool that can be used to find the right warehouse or production location, check the rental rates or contact professional advisors, as well as to obtain extensive data on the market itself— its current condition and growth prospects, relevant advice and details of the investment process. And this is presented in a clear and modern form that looks good on computers, tablets, and smartphones says Tomasz Olszewski, Head of Industrial CEE, JLL.

Warehousefinder.pl is the most popular portal in Poland among websites in the industrial sector. Since 2014, the portal has been managed by SkyConcept. #skyrecord

The investment guides available on the portal contain answers to the most frequently asked questions about the labour market and legal issues in starting one’s own business, including construction law, tax law and various aspects of Special Economic Zones. A comprehensive approach to what is happening in the commercial real estate industry combined with expert knowledge and up-to-date information turned out to be an effective means of communication with customers, as it allowed the portal to achieve impressive results.