real estate focused.

For Clients who have clearly defined real estate marketing and IT solutions needs, we created a variety of out-of-the box, yet flexible products.

We ensure each our product is as functional as possible, and the process of its implementation requires minimal engagements of the Client.


  • IT solutions for real estate
  • Functional and useful CRM systems
  • Dedicated applications and IT tools
  • Comprehensive real estate presentations
  • High quality multimedia materials
  • Construction site movie chronicles
  • Effective AdWords Campaigns

Our products



CRM for real estate

re+ is a versatile CRM system with functionality tailored to the specific needs of the real estate market. This innovative solution is used to both manage the database of buildings, investment plots and various premises offers, and to support the management of lease and sale processes.



Virtual space creator

IPI is a tool allowing for graphical and virtual creation of space by moving shapes and icons onto any image. The application ensures that offers of found on a website are not only interesting to the viewer, but also easy to prepare for the owner.



Multimedia packages

Bird’s eye view films and photos, visualizations and 360° panoramas are not the only means of increasing the value of the offer in Client’s eyes. Properly displayed offer draws attention, and our flexible Property360 solution is the answers to developers’ calls.


Corporate film

Effective video promotion

Corporate film is one of the most engaging means of drawing the viewer’s attention, and promoting the brand and to distinguish oneself from the competition. Creative videos are effective in presenting the ideas behind each business and goals set out by the company offering its clients the best investments on the market.


Sky VR

Investment within sight

The use of expanded reality opens new avenues in real estate marketing. Thanks to Sky VR solution, users may thanks to a dedicated application and special goggles view selected investments, plots and interiors wherever they are.



Online real estate campaigns

Property promotion in Google is an efficient way of reaching potential clients looking who browse the Internet for properties for lease or sale. As an authorized Google AdWords Partner, we provide professional support of the campaign, desired return of investment and a high conversion rate.