Google Ads

Traditional channels used to promote real estate and communicate with potential clients have one fundamental issue – it’s hard to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement and penetration of the target audience. Booklet, billboard and ATL commercials do not provide the opportunity to verify the return of investment, not even the number of people who have seen them.

Google Ads is the answer to the needs of a real estate company wanting to assess the effects of its marketing efforts.

Only 10% of Polish companies use Google Ads. Such limited competition between Google Ads advertisers means, that it’s the perfect time to take advantage of this communication form.

From our experience we can tell that a successful web campaign can increase the number of visits of a real estate website by 50%. Moreover, efficient commercials cause the potential Clients to stay on a website longer and browse subsequent sub pages.

Try the capabilities of Google Ads!


Decide how much you want to pay for an ad

The Client has full control over the amount of money to be spent on an Google Ads campaign and how to distribute it between Google search engine, displaying banners or promoting a video. The number of views of an advertisement and the ability to reach a certain target group depends on the budget. Google Ads allows to precisely control the spending in relation to the range of proposed offer.


Reach potential clients

Focusing an Google Ads campaign on properly chosen target groups, topics, interests or the right corner of the Web allow for reaching a specific group of viewers. Therefore, ads are being displayed only to people who would show the most interest in your offer.


Keep track of your target group’s actions

Google Ads campaign allows for keeping track of the user’s behaviour on a website and calculate different conversion types, like filling out a form, clicking a specific button on a website or making a phone call. Thanks to this it is possible to learn what sparked the Client’s interest the most and aim more conversion generative advertisements at them.


Within a month of an Google Ads campaign for a client promoting commercial spaces for lease, we were able to generate 26 000 clicks of display ads. The banners were aimed precisely at people showing interest in the real estate market.

Put your Google Ads campaign in the hands of an official Google Partner!

We are an authorized Google Ads Partner. Campaigns  carried out by us on behalf of our Clients maintain the highest standards. Leave us your email and see for yourself how efficient we can be.