Corporate video

The impact video has on viewers increases at such a rapid pace, that according to research data approximately 74% of data traffic in 2017 on websites will be generated by this media. Even today 93% of marketers use films in online marketing or sales activities.

Valuable video is the best way to increase the number of viewers on the company’s website and holding the potential client’s attention for longer.

Attractive corporate movies convey information about the principles and business ideas of a company. It is also a way to present, for example the team of employees to a wide range of viewers and build trust and good relations with potential clients.

Video is a great technique used in marketing widely used in all sorts of business events and meetings with potential clients.


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Tell them about your principles

Cleverly told story can not only engage but also give the viewer some new data about the company. That is why storytelling, next to high quality shots is key for us, as it shows the company as a living organism, each having a unique story to share.


Take advantage of various means of reaching your customers

When making promotional videos it is necessary to understand its use and means of distribution. Depending on the goals of our Client, we create movies tailored to the Client’s needs and behaviour of potential target group. Our productions are excellent at online promotions – websites, YouTube channels, AdWords campaigns and dedicated events.


Present only the best productions

High quality is a great factor to differentiate your video from the huge amount of other videos aimed at your target audience and Clients. Smooth work on the movie set and post production is ensured by a team of professionals taking care of our productions. It also means that the end result will not disappoint.


In a month of leading a promotional campaign for a commercial space developer we have generated 18 000 views of their commercial in YouTube.

With a fairly low budget the campaign provided visible increase in the number of entries to the Client’s YouTube channel and website linked in the ad.

Show the potential of your company in a corporate video!

Invest in an attractive corporate film, show your business and increase the number of website views. Leave us your email address and we will contact you and provide inspiration for an interesting video.