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In order to meet the expectations of multiple industries, we have created IPI: a tool allowing for graphical and virtual creation of space by moving shapes and icons onto any image.

Companies wishing to present spaces for sale having various sizes in an intuitive and attractive manner, very often find it difficult to present their offer in a clear way on a website. IPI application is a functional solution created to display real estate online.

Simple and intuitive interface of the online application allows for marking the space on any loaded graphical file like photo, plans and floor layouts. The web application also includes an administrative panel equipped in, among other, tools for editing spaces themselves and configuring their looks.

Presentation created with the use of IPI can be placed on any of your websites by copying a few lines of code.


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Draw interactive spaces

By adding new vertices and moving them it is possible to add any shape you may wish. During the process of precise mapping of objects, you may find the function to zoom the drawn objects useful, just as the ability to use a support grid (mesh), or you may wish to turn on the distance measuring and figure area calculating tool. It is possible to assign specific looks or actions to an area.


Enhance presentation with icons and place them anywhere you wish

IPI allows to create custom icons and placing them anywhere. Actions, similar to those of areas can be assigned to uploaded icons or graphical elements. For example they can serve as links or display a predefined information pop up. They are perfect as markers of various types of buttons.


Organize projects grouped in scenes

The single, basic work screen of IPI is the so called scene, which is defined by the uploaded background (photo, floor plan, etc.). A single project can consist of a single or multiple scenes, which in turn can be grouped. Internal links connect the scenes, creating virtual trips of sorts. Selected scenes can be linked by drawing active areas and placing own icons.

Test IPI for free!

Order a demo version and build your own interactive investment plan. In order to receive access, please leave us your email address.