No Client buys real estate “buys a pig in a poke”. That is why graphical presentation of a real estate property is a key element of the sales process.

Property360 is a solution giving enormous possibilities in regards to exhibiting real estate offer using both offline and online communications channels. The ability to flexibly adjust selected exhibition form allows to create a product perfectly tailored to the needs of a developer of property agency.

Agents save time thanks to high quality marketing materials, by using photos, films, visualizations and 360° panoramas they can fully present the company’s offer during the first meeting with the client. At the same time, each presentation form gives full range of information to the person interested in a given investment.

Property360 is a solution for companies which are aware how important presentation is in emphasizing the full potential of a given offer to a Client.


Learn how can you effectively present offers


Choose only worthwhile presentations

Attractive visual materials focus the attention of viewers and increase the interest of Clients with a given property. High quality photos, videos and presentations all increase the chance that the offer will stand out amongst competing offers.


Provide information comprehensively

New solutions like placing markers in 360° panoramas, movies, hot spots, information displayed after marking a given object significantly enrich each presentation. At the same time such presentation can deliver high amounts of data using highly attractive visual cues.


Make sure you use functional solutions

Increasing popularity of mobile devices means that a presentation meeting the customers needs must comply with the highest standards and fully support browsing on such devices as smartphones or tables. What is more, in organic results of the first few Google search results only responsive websites are being displayed, which fuels the need to create multimedia complying with this standard.


In our portfolio we have multimedia projects carried out for developers, consulting firms and property agencies from Central and Eastern Europe, USA and France.

Choose how to present your property!

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