Sky VR

99% of marketers

are interested in new technologies

Clients always base their investment decision on the way the offer is presented. This is why attractive presentation, which highlights the advantages and potential of an offer, is extremely important in the sales process. Especially when the selected property is presented only on photos or images.

New technologies, increasingly more popular in marketing, are the solution to specific offer presentation needs.

Knowing that the quality of the presentation of objects and investment plots is, we have created Sky VR – product changing your view on real estate marketing. The goggles, a dedicated application and a high quality 360° panorama allow us to transport anyone anywhere without physically leaving the office.

Sky VR is a virtual tour, which are the best way of presenting real estate, investment plots and all types of interiors.

Check possibilities of Sky VR


Show property here and now

The biggest advantage of Sky VR is the ability to show any building or investment plot, including its interiors in real time and anywhere around the World. Even if the property is hundreds of miles away from the potential investor, goggles and a relevant presentation can show 100% of its potential.


Take advantage of various presentation forms

Cutting edge technology allows Sky VR to present an offer in multiple ways. Your Client can see a 360° birds eye view of the plot or take a virtual walk in the interiors of an office or warehouse offered for sale or lease. What is more, the technology also makes it possible to present a 360° video where the viewer in the centre of a moving image.


Bet on realism

High quality photos and films in an application makes it possible to fully reflect the factual appearance of an offer. Retouching of photos and movie post production give the option to not only present the property itself but also its surroundings, like roads and towns or cities. All this without falsifying the offer.

Move your clients to virtual reality!

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